Do You Need to Buy a Heated Dog Bed For Your Dog?

Published: 19th January 2012
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Our dogs need comfort and warmth just like us, but unlike us, they cannot simply go and put on another jumper or a warm thermal vest in order to keep warm as the temperatures drop during winter. So when your dog is wanting to have a short lie down, as they do, or is going to bed for the night, the best solution might be a heated dog bed, which would also be a lot more economical to run than leaving the central heating on all night. With fuel cost rocketing, at the moment, a heated dog bed is becoming a very popular choice for many and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles. In fact, there is a heated dog bed out there for every pampered pooch!

Certainly, for the elderly or unwell dog they have therapeutic benefits too because they provide your dog with warmth and they are a must for soothing muscle and joint aches and pains. Therefore, dogs that suffer from these types of symptoms or arthritis will find the best possible relief and comfort from a heated dog bed, which ideally coupled with a memory foam dog bed pad will be so much appreciated by your beloved pet.

Similarly, young or small dogs are more likely to feel the cold and a heated bed will also simulate the warmth that a small dog or puppy would feel if they are part of their pack or litter, so of course, this can be psychologically, very comforting!

Nevertheless, heated dogs beds are far from just a luxury. They provide comfort and health benefits and most heated dog beds will have a heat pad inside them which you will need to plug into mains electricity but luckily they are very energy efficient and so are relatively cheap to run and thinking about conserving the central heating again, can actually help reduce your heating bill. The heating pads should have an internal thermostat so that you can set them to stay at the perfect temperature for your dog all night whilst being able to set them at a lower temperature for during the day when it's not so cold. Since these are plugged into the mains, the attached cables will be of varying lengths, and so you will need to place the bed close to a plug socket or alternatively, you can buy an extension lead if the length of the lead isn't sufficient.

As with any bed for your dog, remember to choose the right size and so first you will need to measure your dog correctly. When he or she is lying down, with legs fully extended, measure the full length of your dog and then add approximately 5-7 inches to this to make sure that the bed you select is not too small. Then you can go ahead and choose your preferred colour and style to match your décor or size of your room/position and so on. Many heated dog beds can have the heating pad removed so that the bed can be machine washed which is another very practical detail to consider.

So in conclusion, heated dog beds are not just a luxury as they will provide comfort, relief and well being for your dog or dogs and if your dog sleeps in a chilly room or area at night, they are a really good investment. Not forgetting, as afore said, if your dog suffers from muscle or joint aches and pains, is elderly, unwell, very young or of one of the smaller breeds, a heated dog bed, plus, to provide the ultimate in comfort, a memory foam dog bed pad, will prove to be the best possible choice of bed for your dear pet.


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